Piggyback Rideshare

Create a service to improve the ArtCenter transportation service.​​​​​​​

The New Way to Rideshare
Piggyback is a service that bridges the gap between Ride-Sharing and Ride-Hailing by allowing people to reap the advantages of riding on a bus (Fixed Schedule) and riding in an Uber (Variable Schedule). Piggyback is different from other Ride-Sharing services because it gives people a reason to come together and form social groups that, then travel together. Current Ride-Sharing services have failed because they tend to group random strangers together for the sole purpose of transportation.
Redefining Social Mobility
Redefining 'Social Mobility' to spread the importance of Ride-sharing and differentiate from other ride-sharing services. Creating meaningful connections and interactions with people to form a number of inter-linked social circles that move/travel together.
Create or join Pools, chat with your friends and schedule Piggybacks together.
Pools are thematic groups created by you, the people. These can be location-based, activity-based, interest-based and so on. The creator of the Pool decides whether the Pool is Public or Private. Public Pools are visible to everyone and can be joined by anyone. Private Pools can be joined only through invites sent by the creator.
Fix your schedule with Planned Piggybacks or schedule Dynamic Piggybacks that come to you instantaneously.
You can plan your trips a week in advance or instantaneously if you're late for school/work!
3 Navigation Pages that include My Pools, Ride Planning and Public Pools Near Me.
Discover and become a part of new pools near you to ride-share and grow your network of pools!
User Personas: Needs and Priorities​​​​​​​
Stakeholder Survey
The biggest takeaway from the Stakeholder Survey was that almost all the stakeholders had an issue with the frequency of the shuttles. Other issues include stop locations and total area of operation.

User Validation
Showing users prototypes and storyboards of app screens to get feedback on the idea of Piggyback Rideshare.
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