Miles App Case Study and Redesign

Miles Design Challenge: The objective of this redesign is to highlight the core competency of ‘Trip Differentiation.’ We are looking for ideas to improve the current Trips page, specifically Trips Splitting and Merging. The current version of the Trips Page does not merge two trips or split trips.

Competitive Analysis and User Flow Research
A deep analysis of three major competitors and their apps including an analysis of Miles itself.   
User Persona
The creation of a User Persona based on people that take multi-modal chained trips to work that would require "Trip-Differentiation" on the Miles App.
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
A quick wireframing exploration of different structures and layouts of the Trips Log page to help add the functionality of "Trip Differentiation", as well as make the page more intuitive to understand at a glance.
Mid-Fidelity Screens
A further, deeper exploration of some early directions from the Low Fidelity Wireframing process.
High-Fidelity Screens
The new, overhauled Trips Log Page minimized and detailed views with a Map Overview and a Landmarks Overview added, and a slight redesign of the Rewards Page. 
Interact with Prototype Screen!
Click/Tap around the Mobile Prototype Screen to explore the new Trips Log Page with the added trip-differentiation feature with minimized and detailed views. 
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