Leimert Park Digital Metaverse

Provisional UX Design Lead and Strategic Transportation Planner interning with the Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC/IMHP) on the SankofaCity Project

Unity Digital Gamespace
The creation of a virtual campus for Leimert Park Village was started in Unity simulating the real-world environment. We did this with the help of precise location data through Software Development Kits (SDKs) from GIS tools like Mapbox and WRLD.​​​​​​​
AltSpaceVR Digital Gamespace
AltSpaceVR is a social virtual reality platform owned by Microsoft, which is used for world building and event hosting in a real-time multiplayer setting.​​​​​​​
Simulations in the Unity Gamespace
Along with the built environment, we also simulated traffic flow of pedestrians and vehicles (both present and future). This can be seen in the fly-through videos and the First-Person Simulator videos.
Simulations and Multiplayer Experience in the AltSpaceVR Gamespace
We wanted to take this exciting experience of a digital metaverse into a multiplayer environment to explore the numerous possibilities like: 
- Digital meeting spaces
- Virtual storefronts and Online shopping
- Period specific portals and Time-Lapse Development
- Performing and Visual Arts through Concerts, Gallery Exhibits and Film Screenings
- Experiencing Simulations of Future Transportation in the Community
- Zero-cost experience of future urban planning projects and testing with community members to help co-design the future with people
- Representative Bodies and Avatars
We decided to use AltSpaceVR as a way to access a real-time multiplayer platform with an existing community.
The Future of Urban Planning and Transportation Systems Design
The New Crenshaw/Vernon Metro Station 
The Crenshaw/Vernon Metro Station (or Leimert Park Station) is going to be a part of the light rail Crenshaw/LAX Line (K Line). It will connect the Crenshaw neighborhood and Leimert Park to the City of Inglewood and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is under construction and planned to open in November 2022.
​​​​​​​Characteristic Murals and Recognizable Real World Details
Help people feel a sense of belonging to their home through art and culture.
A New Farmer's Market/Flea Market Area on the extended People's Street
The people street is extended to create space for a farmer's market that helps boost the local economy as well as create a social space for the community to come together regularly.
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