Kaaenaat Autonomous Robots

A fleet of autonomous robots I designed during two separate stints as a product design intern at Kaaenaat Pvt Ltd.

KleenUp Bot
KleenUp is a street-cleaning and lane-marking robot for the tough terrains of complex environments like India.
Speed-Hump Inspiration
Created and Tested designs that allows vehicles to drive over the robot to allow operation on roads without stopping traffic.
Iterative Development 
Went through multiple iterations of different configurations and payload capacities to get the right package to be able to hold the right modules underneath.
Street-Cleaning Functionality
KleenUp's street cleaning function helps automate an extremely tedious job that regularly keeps streets clean and tidy for people safely.
Lane-Marking Functionality
Lane-Marking is another time-consuming and tedious job that requires overheads like closing off roads to complete over time with complicated machinery. KleenUp simplifies this entire process. 
KROOZE Delivery Bot
Iterative Development
3 different iterations of different concepts and payload capacities were explored.
These concepts were tested and researched to understand what would succeed and fail in complex environments like India. 
Research and Testing
These concepts were tested and researched to understand what would succeed and fail in complex environments like India. 
Redesign after Testing
We realized that it was important to incorporate an interactive screen into the design of the robot to help interact with the humans around it.
Redesign after Testing
KROOZE needed to be approachable while interacting with people. The eyes on the screen helps humanize certain emotions to convey KROOZE's intentions.
Went through multiple sizes of KROOZE for its different environments and contexts.
Development of Towers for Bot 
3D Modeling different variations of the KAPCHAA Bot Tower to find the best version for warehouse, retail and commercial contexts.
Development of Towers for Bot
Calculations to understand the best way to place camera modules in order to maximize scanning capabilities of the environment and products.
We created a working prototype of the robot to test different layouts of propulsion, steering systems as well as characteristics like maneuverability.
We also tested different dimensional setups as well as various camera placement setups. This is the full scale 1:1 prototype we created.
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