Future of Vehicle Enthusiasts

Explore the future of mobility in the face of pandemics, climate change, and other natural disasters with a focus on systems + human interactions through a speculative futures design approach.

Team Members
Mehul Malhotra, Kevin Correia

How are Enthusiast Experiences defined and how do we see them evolving?
What is Car Enthusiasm today?
There are various forms of Car Enthusiasm; Broadly they can be classified as driving, driven, artistic and social experiences.
What will Car Enthusiasm in 2050 be?
We shall see a shift in ownership models and technology causing car enthusiasm to expand into new areas and segments of the population.
Who are the Enthusiasts in 2050?
We discovered three categories of enthusiasts in 2050. We decided to focus on The Next Generation enthusiasts as they brought in a new, extremely interesting set of opportunities. 
The Network of Future Journeys for The Next Generation
Students in 2050 will have a new journey everyday that will be focused around applications-based learning.
The 2050 Schools of the Future
Autonomous learning-focused vehicles will be a medium for 'The Next Generation' to experience this new journey everyday creating the schools of the future.
The Stage
The center of the classroom and the stage for new AR learning experiences whether you're studying the anatomy of the human body or the earth's topography.
The Nature Space
A green space to relax and take a break from the classroom or collaborate with your group, at the back of the vehicle. The nature space can be open to the outside with a retracting roof.
The Globe
An new, immersive way to gamify various learning experiences or visualize real-time navigation on-the-move. A unique form to create new function with the front wheel underneath. 
The Teacher Space
A personal desk and area for the on-board instructor to relax and monitor the classroom.
The 2050 Classroom Experience
The future of vehicle enthusiasts research opened up a new segment of vehicle enthusiasts in young children, with the advancement of AI-driven autonomous vehicles. This pushed us to explore the utility-focused vehicles that may exist in the future for this segment. Thus, we came to the Future of the School Bus. We focused on the interior to highlight the infinite possibilities to completely transform the classroom into one that allows for a more application-based approach to education and the role that mobility can play in it.
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