Element U

An Independent Study exploring the future of vehicular interior experiences specifically for a public-private demand-responsive shuttle service.

Public-Private Partnership
A partnership to create a shuttle service that works on the pull economy concept that Uber has capitalized on so well, whilst integrating it into the public transit network to provide improved quality of the current public service with increased freedom of mobility to the multiple ‘publics’ in LA.
Exploration of Form
Element U explores the U-shaped design to make things easy for you during your journeys. 
Layered-Cake Pod
Different U-Shaped layers have different functions and transparencies to allow you to choose your surroundings as per your needs and desires.
Solarpunk Aesthetic
Alongside designing for U, the Element U is designed around the most essential element in our lives; Nature.

Element U is also a greenhouse for local flora and fauna, bringing up a new alternative discourse to sustainable vehicles. This local produce can be harvested and delivered to communities.
What stories am I designing for?
Working Class
The first group of stakeholders is the blue-collar, working class that heavily relies on public transportation for its freedom of mobility.
The second group of stakeholders is students. College and high school students that rely on last-mile ride-hail services like Uber and Lyft to go most places nowadays whether its for leisure or when they're running late for class!
What are some User Scenarios and Use Cases?
Work on-the-go
Element U allows you to work on-the-go giving your own little office amidst the nature, whether you need to send out some emails or jump on an immersive zoom call with your team!
Play on-the-go
Use your commute to relax while watching your favourite TV-shows and movies or jump into your own immersive video-game setup on-the-go!
Why is this different from today's public transport?
Personalized Public Transit
Public Transit made for your specific needs and desires to make your journey work best for U.
Modular vehicles make manufacturing and production much more efficient in the long run, through easy swapping in and out of parts.
This also helps easily create different sizes and variations of buses for different community needs.
Easy Ingress and Egress
Gull-wing doors and ramps make Ingress-Egress extremely easy, intuitive and accessible.
Demand-Responsive Buses
COVID-19 and resulting ridership trends have put a lot of pressure on current public buses. Element U Demand-Responsive Buses are safer, cleaner and easier to use especially for lower-density areas.
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