Fiat Chrysler Sponsored Project

Redefine a new Stellantis brand that reflects on the learnings from 2020, promoting Stellantis as a steward of global social and economic sustainability.

Team Members
Mehul Malhotra, Devin Parham, Shenhong Zheng, Mo Wang
My Key Contributions
Trend Research and Discovery, Brand Analysis, Market Research and Competitive Mapping, Ideation of the Model E Vehicle and Stellantis Ecosystems, 3D World Building and Simulation, Animation, Complete Composition and Creation of Final Concept Video 
Deep Research: The Background
Extensive research was conducted over a 5-week phase which included STEEPX analysis, SWOT Analysis, Consumer Archetype identification and creation, Affinity Mapping, Blue Ocean and ERRC Strategy and Future Wheels creation.
60 Trends and 60 Opportunities were identified under Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political and X factors.
SWOT Analysis
Finding unexplored spaces in the market through in-depth SWOT Analyses of direct and indirect competitors.
Consumer Archetypes
Created 20+ consumer archetypes categorized based on the Innovation Adoption Bell Curve model. We also came up with 200 opportunities in total for all these archetypes.
Blue Ocean & ERRC Strategies
Using the SWOT Analysis we conducted, we were able to find new, unexplored areas of the market using the Blue Ocean Strategy model and the ERRC (Eliminate, Reduce, Raise and Create) Matrices.
Affinity Mapping
Grouping all our opportunities into different themes/values.
Futurecasting: Future Wheel Method
Exploring Possible, Probable and Plausible futures for Stellantis.
Main Macro Trends
After all the research was conducted, we identified three major Macro Trends that we modeled our Core Brand Redesign and concept around. These Macro Trends were selected on the basis of the brief ("steward of global social and economic sustainability") and the current landscape/discourse.
Brand Strategy and Design: Global Stewardship
Brand Positioning Statement
Solarpunk Communities in Circular Economies
Stellantis envisions the future way of living by creating circular, wasteless ecosystems that work collaboratively with built to last transportation; Bringing people, local communities, and nature, closer together through mobility and spaces of solace.
Brand Attributes
Collective Mobility, Communities of Solace, Planned Sustenance, Unique Intimacy, Locally Enhanced and Synergetic Biomimicry.

Positioning Matrix
Using positioning matrices, we created a competitive landscape mapped between our newly - defined brand attributes to visualize a unique value proposition in an unexplored space of the competitive landscape. We also included short, mid and long-term opportunities that this new space would allow us to explore.
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